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CheckGPS is a miniature device that can be easily hidden anywhere thanks to its compact size, light weight and inconspicuous design. The device, with a certain interval, sends its GPS coordinates and other data using GSM networks. If GPS is not available, the device will determine the location by GSM signal strength. CheckGPS is designed to work up to 2 years without the need for a battery change.

CheckGPS device can get the following data:
GPS coordinates
Number of GPS satellites
GSM tower
GSM strength
Battery power level

Technical parameters:

Input nominal voltage: 6.0V (2x CR123A 3.0V 1550mAh batteries)
Consumption in deep sleep mode, without an accelerometer: Consumption in deep sleep mode, with an accelerometer: Consumption in active mode: 70mA average, 200mA peak.
Protection against water and dust ingress: IP67
Weight: 60g (92g with batteries)
Mechanical size: 80x59x26mm
The nominal operating temperature range: -20...+60°C
Maximum operating temperature range: -30...+80°C
Integrated GSM and GPS antennas
Micro-SIM card. The possibility to use a SIM-on-chip.
FOTA (Firmware-over-the-air)